Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Poem from Last Saturday's Workshop

Last Saturday, I threw a workshop at the Main Library. It was a great group, with people who had been writing for years mixed in with people who hadn't written at all since high school. One of the writing prompts involved using a specialized vocabulary--the language of skateboarding or juggling or weather or scuba diving--to talk about the arc of a relationship. They were all pretty terrific, but Moira Gehring, who, together with the other good folks at the Friends of the Library, organized the workshop, wrote a terse poem using the language of economics that was both poignant and darkly humorous. Here it is:


An interdependence of incentives marked the early years.

The collateral of human capital enabled a balance of trade... with a surplus of good feeling.

Soon, consumption outpaced resources and the equilibrium price plummeted.

Our quota quickly became the deflation of shared dreams. 

And so we went from surplus to scarcity.

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